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Welcome to the punderful world of FABstract!

Heya, I'm Soph. A questionable being that chose the best representation of herself would be this image with an inflatable frog. If you're new here, I create unique handpainted plant pot themed gifts. 

That pretty much sums me up but if you wanna know the juicy deets then read on...

It all began in the year of the pandemic...

ye olde 2020 herself...

I joke... we don't need to relive that one.

But basically, the humble beginnings of FABstract all started with a gift for the ungiftable (sorry to my sister,
but you already have everything). Long story short, I 
handpainted her an abstract canvas for her birthday,
and safe to say, it went down well.

Over the next few months, I offered out the idea of more abstract character canvases. Customers included my dad, my friend, my boyfriend, my mom, my godmother, my dad again and another friend – we love a supportive circle.


At this point, I'd just been furloughed and was just using this outlet as a way to fill my day. This is also the point of lockdown where owning plants was a huge trend... now I love plants... but my goodness they're a responsibility... hence my obsession for the unkillable succulent.

I'd seen a few plant pot painters on Instagram and Pinterest and I just wanted to get involved. I did a whole load of research and pinning and basically searching Etsy for what didn't exist... and that's where the first Mini Plant Pot Air Freshener was born (I deffo need a catchier title).

Now the big turn around was back in November, a small business called The Quirky Dino reviewed my little air freshener on TikTok and my god, let's just say, coronavirus wasn't the only thing going viral that day. Bear in mind, I had 3 videos and 20 followers on TikTok at this point so I wasn't really sure what was happening.

I had over 150 orders in less than 24 hours and had to close my shop for 6 weeks to fulfil all of the demand! Balancing that alongside my full time job was... interesting... to say the least. But I am so grateful for that experience and can't believe how far we've come in just one year.

Since then I've released micro plant pot keyrings and bookmarks with way more ideas for the future so I hope you stick around!

If you've read this far, I have nothing more to say than... 

you are FABulous.

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